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hi im sophia and i like the beatles and not much else

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the photo was so elegant until i saw that fat pug omg ww

are you implying the fat pug makes this any less elegant because you would be wrong
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Guess what I spent my day doing and it still looks really shitty 🌞
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George by Paul
Ringo by John
Paul by George 
John by Ringo
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Four White guys with multiple weapons were taken into custody. Not shot and kill and left out on the road. They were arrested and given due process. They’re names aren’t leaked. We’re not seeing invasions into their facebooks for impeding trials. We’re not even seeing mug shots. We don’t know if they’re anarchist, klan or anything at all. We just know they left the scene of an armed chase alive.
However an UNARMED black kid walking the streets of his neighborhood was shot 6 times by the police.
This is the difference, the racism and the outrage.
Post racial America my ass. #ferguson #racism

Egregious example of white supremacy:Police officers chase down and apprehend four white dudes with multiple weapons, no one is hurt. A disabled black man with a knife is shot down from 10 or more feet away because cops felt “threatened.”
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This place is beautiful and there’s heather everywhere
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What Mellario of Norvos would wear, Abaya Dubai fashion week
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the sky was unbelievable tonight
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Animal Print Shorts // $35
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these are crucial looks
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diablitoconqueso mdiamante


Jenna where do these evil pictures keep coming from it’s really harshing my calm demeanour
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chris pratt // guardians of the galaxy press
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my boyfriend’s yearbook picture